What's up with the different-coloured shoe trend?

May 8, 2017


Ever woken up on a rainy Tuesday, rushed out of the house, only to realize that you're wearing two different shoes while waiting for the bus? Didn't think so.

I doubt it has happened to anyone since they hit the mature age of, let's say, 5! 



But those days are gone my friend, time to embrace the unexpected twist of the mismatched footwear trend.


Ever since I first laid eyes on the oh-so-chic Carrie Bradshaw donning one fuchsia satin stiletto and one sky blue, have I itched to try the look. But it was not until Phoebe Philo introduced her mismatched shoes on the Céline runway for s/s 17 that I finally braved the streets.



Not convinced I will walk further than to my local corner shop wearing one Monceau slipper in brown and one in navy, but hey.. who knows, I might get hooked on this "Two-face" look! 


 What do you think? Yey or oh-my-god-NEY?