The French words you need to know when shoe shopping in Paris

May 9, 2017


So you've made it to the fashion capital of the world, college fund money burning a hole in your pocket, finding yourself in one of the many très élégant shoe shops that line the cobblestoned streets. But alas, the shoe is too big, the material is not right, the colour does not match your newly purchased beret...

Don't sweat, we've got your back. We have put together a list of words and phrases to cover any and every shoe-mergency situation you might find yourself in!


Lets start off with the basics. First of all make sure that you are in fact in the right type of shop by saying "Bonjour! Je cherche des chaussures" (Bonchoor! Che cherch de chossyr) meaning Hello! I'm looking for shoes.

You are? Ok great, now simply find your shoe of choice from the list below and voilà!





High heeled shoes - Des chaussures à talons

Flats - Des chaussures plates

Low top sneakers - Des baskets basses

High top sneakers - Des baskets montantes

Pumps - Des escarpins

Boots - Des bottes

Over the knee boots - Des cuissards

Ankle boots - Des bottines

Ballerinas - Des ballerines

Mary-Janes - Des babies (Yes, we know, weird)

Clogs - Des sabots

Slip in shoes/ Slippers - Des mules

Loafers - Des mocassins

Sandals - Des sandals

High-heeled sandals - Des sandals à talons