Three nail trends to match with your shoes

May 15, 2017

In a rut with your manicure routine (We say, reaching for what is left of that semi-dried bottle of Chanel Le Vernis in Ballerina...)? Don't worry, just keep your head down and let your kicks inspire you! 


1. Nude 2.0

Nails from Rodarte s/s 17 / Luxembourg ballerinas Deuxième Studios


Ok, so hold on to that perfectly pink Ballerina shade after all!  Nude is a classic for a reason, it works for all occasions and goes with any kind of outfit, it is the manicures answer to the ballerina shoe, or a slice of bread with your meal.

But sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit, like choosing a rosemary chiabatta instead of the traditional baguette. Glitter is the answer, so simple, so perfect.

Time to dig out the old arts and craft kit and get creative! (Not too creative mind you, glitter famously is harder to get rid of than herpes..)


2. Abstractions

Nails from Proenza Schouler s/s 17 / Tuileries loafers Deuxième Studios


Who said that all ten nails need to look the same? Much like these deconstructed loafers, this nail art is taking a step out of the box with free shapes and unexpected "cuts". 


Kind of looks like the polish has chipped, you might think to yourself. Well, maybe this is like the greasy strands of Kurt Cobain, the smudged lipstick of Courtney Love, Kate Moss's ripped Levi's cut-offs or Jim Morrison's leather trousers. Maybe we all need some unplanned, chaotic troubled-star glamour in our lives, and what better way to start then your nails right?! (your liver will thank you...)


 3. Play footsie