What does your shoe-dream mean?

May 16, 2017

Apparently as much as 95% of what we dream is forgotten shortly after we wake up. 

Having said that, if you manage to remember dreaming about shoes within those 5 elusive leftover percent and wonder what it might mean, look no further!


A dream that will soon come true, new shoe model Opéra will be available this summer from Deuxième Studios.



In general, shoes in dreams represent your approach to life, or at least that's what the experts at Dreamscloud.com say (and its from them that we borrowed the following dreamy interpretations). 


So I guess that we can now safely and rightfully assume that shoes = life!


Wearing shoes in a dream may represent being down-to-earth or well-grounded. Whereas not wearing any at all could suggest being carefree, or being a symbol of poverty and homelessness. 


If you are dreaming of wearing shoes that don't fit properly it might hint towards you not being true to yourself (quickly, dream up an insole or two!).


Changing shoes represent a major change in some aspect of your life, like changing jobs or partner. And who said shoes weren't important!


Losing or forgetting your shoes in your nocturnal state may point towards that you are unprepared or unwilling to take the next step or move forward in a waking life situation.


If you for some reason think that you are wearing inappropriate shoes in your dream, it could suggest being unprepared for a situation.


Dreaming that you are wearing mismatched shoes implies that you are rushing into things and approaching them too hurriedly or haphazardly.


Some shoes to dream about: