How to turn a standard look into something shoe-pendous

June 4, 2017

Say it with shoes! What you wear on your "leg-hands" (more commonly referred to as feet) can change the whole perception of you.


No time to think about outfits after instagramming your breakfast granola bowl in the morning? Tend to gravitate towards your trusted old jeans and a nondescript top? It's ok, the casual classics are always a winner.


Wearing a standard, almost uniform look will put so much more focus on your footwear. With a black patent stiletto or a wooden clog, suddenly the same outfit doesn't register under one unanimous label anymore. 


This can absolutely be played to your favour. In fact, applying these words of wisdom to your wardrobe means it can be streamlined to infinity and beyond if desired.


You can go all out on kooky kicks while keeping it real simple on top. This is a style secret we live by (especially the ones of us who keep buying garments with tricky care labels that you get one use out of, and then gets thrown in to the laundry basket where it will wait patiently until you buy a new laundry basket).


Yes, you can always rely on a good pair of jeans and a simple top. Quick, awesome and an everyday winner for sure,and please do have some fun with your shoes, we promise, you will feel great!


(Oh, and invest in a good black blazer, you won't regret it!)


You're welcome! ;)


Kooky-kool kicks shown above: Monceau slipper in Dolled up