Take a cue from Nancy Sinatra and her boots this summer (pants optional)

July 27, 2017

Probably one of the most loved songs about shoes ever, not only does Nancy manage to make you hum her tune from morning shower to afternoon meeting, she also kicks and wiggles her way to the top of our style-inspo lists for this summer! 

 Come July with sweltering heatwaves (well, probably somewhere...)  and all you want to do is lounge in a Bikini on nearest beach, but alas, you are stuck in the city with the rest of us...

Simply combine the two worlds for a winning formula that packs a considerable "laissez-faire" punch!

Forget about the pants, just step into your favourite boots, find a pastel knit, and hit the streets!


(OBS OBS! Deuxième Studios will not be held responsible for any side effects this outfit may cause.)

We would also like to take this opportunity, talking about boots and all, to do a humble

mini-introduction to our new boot that will soon hit the webshop.

World - meet Brocante, a well behaved soft leather lace-up boot that will be game for any kind of action! (Disco balls not included)

Stay tuned!