We are part of Tictail's Not Faceless campaign - and here's why it matters

August 17, 2017

We are beyond happy and proud to be one of the chosen brands to be a part of Tictail's campaign #Notfaceless that kicked off yesterday.

The campaign is designed to celebrate the many ways the Tictail community represents the opposite of fast fashion.

"To us, fast fashion is forgettable, disposable, and faceless. It’s produced by people you’ll likely never see or meet, and it isn’t made to last longer than a passing trend."

Monceau - Tigerlily pictured above. Click here to shop


We dig this to 100% and are very excited to share why we believe Deuxième Studios is a #Notfaceless brand:


"Being a young brand run by a small team means that we are very involved in every step of the design and production process. It is so important to us to know that we are delivering shoes that we can truly trust and be proud of. We love the quick and close communication we can have with our customers,