10 street style trends spotted during Paris fashion week

October 2, 2017

We have searched the rues of Paris and the profiles of Instagram, not a pebble of the world wide web has been left unturned - all to identify the 10 (read 9...) trends that are ruling the streets of Paris right now! 



If Millenial pink was the colour of choice  for summer, Gen Z yellow is taking over the reigns for fall. Sunny skirts, bags, coats and shoes lit up the grey Parisian streets this past week.


Feel like channeling your inner traditional Parisian, but also like you might want to plot a (fashion?) revolution? This practical topper is the choice for you!



Go ahead and keep your outfit simple and focus it all on the shoes! Colour, texture, details, don't be shy to step out from the crowd ;)

Photo: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty images