The inspiration behind the spring / summer 18 collection

February 22, 2018

The spring / summer 18 collection looked to the pages of Francoise Sagan's Bonjour tristesse for inspiration. Imagining the hidden beaches of the south of France, walking on the sun-warmed tiles on a terrace while hearing the wind softly rustle the palm leaves... Do I need to go on?!

The French riviera depicted in Bonjour tristesse is an elegant, easy breezy affair drenched in sun, champagne and salty air. Translated into shoe, this means soft pastels, comfortable, fun and a little bit of golden glamour!

"He had rented a large white villa on the Mediterranean, for which we had been longing since the spring. It was remote and beautiful, and stood on a promontory dominating the sea, hidden from the road by a pine wood; a mule path led down to a tiny creek where the sea lapped against

rust-coloured rocks."


This is a key paragraph for the collection and the shoes basically designed themselves! Here is an example of the type of shoe we imagine walking on the mule path Sagan is describing.

Charonne - gold, s/s 18


'Your idea of love is a rather simplistic one. Love isn’t a series of isolated sensations…’ It struck me that that was just what all my experiences of love had been: a sudden surge of emotion at someone’s gaze or gesture or kiss…radiant moments without any underlying connection, that was all the memory I had of them. ‘It’s something different,’ Anne was saying. ‘It’s about constant tenderness, gentleness, missing a person…’ 


This paragraph stood out to me and made me think of youth, romance, excitement and innocence. Something that can be experienced wherever you are in life, just like a pair of pink shoes!