Deuxième Studios vernissage and the addition of one more studio

May 25, 2018

A balmy May evening in Stockholm was the backdrop for a very exciting new project we have been working on. We hosted a combined event consisting of one part launch of a new shoe model, and one part (pause for effect) art vernissage at Hotel C, in the very heart of the city!


Peanut butter and jelly aside, what could possibly go better together than shoes and art? 

Exactly, not much. That's why we decided to expand Deuxième Studios with one more studio.


Founder Lina Nordin (soon to be Lina Nordin Gee!!) has made a series of 9 prints depicting different Stockholm sights, and maybe not the most obvious sights at that. Ever heard about the big pool in Sturebadet? How about the hotdog stand outside the big department store NK? Favourite spots and landmarks, this is Stockholm seen with the eyes of someone who grew up in the city. 


These motifs will be available as a Giclée print on a fine art paper, and also as a velvet cushion!


See the video from the launch/vernissage below


Here are two of the prints that were on display:

 "Nordiska Kompaniet" Giclée print on 320 gsm fine art paper

Nordiska kompaniet, or NK as the Stockholmers say, is a grand department store in the heart of the city, just outside one side entrance is the NK hotd